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At JPD Staffing, we offer diverse job opportunities in the construction industry, opening doors to limitless possibilities. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or starting out, we’ve got you covered. 

Our vast network facilitates connections between job seekers and thrilling construction ventures, offering a platform to demonstrate your skills and expertise.

From everyday tasks to specialized trades, we have various roles available.
With JPD Staffing, you can find the perfect construction job that aligns with your goals and passions. 

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Why JPD Staffing?

In the current competitive business environment in Vancouver and Lower Mainland, companies turn to temporary staffing for specific jobs, workload changes, and staff shortages. Because of this, contract placement is becoming a preferred career option for a lot of professionals.

Whether you are building a new career or looking for a short-term job, JPD Staffing strives to provide you with purposeful career opportunities.

Choosing our skilled managers to assist in searching for your next job means finding work quickly and receiving competitive compensation in the shortest time possible.


Temporary staffing allows you to take control of your skills – you can choose the jobs you want and turn down those you don’t want. Contract assignments are often as short as one day or for as long as several months.

  • Find work quickly
  • Get paid the same day
  • Control your schedule
  • Choose jobs you want
  • Advance your career
  • Get experience
  • Work with a recruiter

Positions Available

Temporary Jobs in Vancouver and Lower Mainland

Labour Solutions

General Labour

The ever-growing Greater Vancouver labour market always demands vast numbers of general labourers, and we can help you find a job in no time. General labor is any physical job with a non-skilled, hands-on task. This field covers a wide range of positions such as cleaning, moving or landscaping, and many more. Apply today!

Heavy Labour

Form Stripping/Digging/Heavy Lifting, etc. While these types of jobs require a certain level of physique, they deliver fair compensation as well. Get in touch with our managers to start working ASAP. Apply today!

Skilled Labour

Fall Arrest/Jackhammer/Operate Power Tools, etc. Seasoned and trained professionals are always in high demand across British Columbia and Canada. We can provide meaningful career opportunities by connecting you with the best employers out there.Apply today!

Equipment Solutions

Forklift Operator

We are always seeking experienced and highly skilled Forklift Operators. Operate technical equipment to load and unload materials and deliveries and move them to and from storage areas, machines, and loading docks, into railroad cars or trucks or storage facilities.Apply today!

Bobcat Operator

We are seeking well-rounded individuals with experience in operating bobcat machinery to meet the ever-growing demand of the booming Vancouver construction industry. We are here to provide you with meaningful job opportunities.Apply today!

Zoom Boom Operator

The advantage of reaching those inaccessible places that cannot be reached by a standard forklift is highly valued at different job sites. Making seasoned operators on variable reach forklifts a precious workforce. We can help you to find the best employer out there.Apply today!

Hoist/Elevator Operator

Hoist and elevator operators play a significant role on the job site. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to being an Elevator Operator. For that reason, we are looking for certified Hoist and Elevator Operators to grow their career and support our global customer base.Apply today!

Skilled Solutions

Traffic Control Person

Construction and road flagging is a challenging job and needs the highest attention and care that comes with a great reward. Put to work your experience of protecting workers in the construction zone by regulating traffic flow. Apply today!


Greater Vancouver has a major housing supply deficit, particularly infill mid-rise building types, putting timber construction in very high demand. As a result, carpenters form the largest single group of skilled workers in Canada. If you are looking to put your skills to work, we can help you find work quickly and receiving competitive compensation. Apply today!

Carpenter Helper

Worker w/ Toolbelt or Fall Arrest w/ Harness. Carpenter helpers assist higher-level carpenters, such as journeymen, in crafting and finishing woodwork, and some items they may help create. Apply today!

Safety Solutions

First Aid Level 1/2/3

The level of first aid services required for a workplace depends on the number of workers, distance to medical aid, and industry hazard rating. Certified individuals should contact us to advance their careers through extensive relationships with Canada’s most respected employers. Apply today!

Constructions Safety Officer

Builders and contractors around Greater Vancouver need to pay more attention to safety-related matters than ever before, making the CSO position one of the most important at any job site. We continuously recruit professionals responsible for ensuring required safety protocols are followed on a work site. Apply today!

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